Analysis of the Moon-Hoax Confession Made by Eugene Ruben Akers

On September 11, 2022, Bart Sibrel released a death-bed video by Eugene "Gillmore," whose real name was Eugene Ruben Akers, the son of Cyrus Eugene Akers, explaining how his father made a death-bed confession about Apollo 11 being filmed at Cannon Air-Force Base, by Clovis New Mexico, on June 1-3, 1968 [*1]. Eugene died on February 13, 2022. He did not want the video released until after his death.

I transcribed the audio of Eugene Ruben Akers below. A link to the video recording is hyperlinked above (and here). Bart Sibrel notes the video was recorded on April 12, 2020 and taken by Eugene's son.

Hello. My name is Gene Gillmore. Um, my birth-given name is Eugene Ruben Akers. I don't want any money for what I'm doing, because hopefully this video won't come out until after my death [note by Eugene's son: Died February 13, 2022]. So, I have nothing to gain, nothing to profit, by telling you what I'm going to tell you. And, um, a lot of what I'm going to tell you is available online, until they see this video. And then I'm sure things will start getting scrubbed, um, as well as Moon photos. But anyway.

My father uh [note by Eugene's son: Cyrus Eugene Akers], in 1968, was stationed in Cannon Air-Force Base in New Mexico. I made notes on my computer, um, so, uh, that I wouldn't forget anything, because there' a lot of, lot of little things and stuff I'd forget [note by Eugene's son: Computer Confiscated by Government Raid]. So, these notes were made a long time ago. The original recording that my father made on his deathbed was, um, um, destroyed in a fire [note by Eugene's son: Fire of "Unknown Origin"].

Um, but, um, so this is my deathbed confession, because, now, I'm dying of cancer. I've got cancer all over the place, so, and they don't know where it's coming from, and I don't know if they can stop it. But, it don't look good. So, I'm going to go ahead and make this video for Bart Sibrel. He knows not to do anything with it until, uh, until notification of my death, uh, for which my son will respond to that.

Okay, um, like I said, in 1968, my father was stationed in Cannon Air-Force Base in New Mexico. Uh, we lived in Clovis, New Mexico. He was in the Military Police for over twenty years. And, on his deathbed, in 2002, we made a recording of what happened. And, I already told you what happened to the recording. But, it doesn't matter, because all the facts are there. So, it doesn't matter who's telling the story or whatever. Um, I will, at the end of the video, I'll supply a picture of my father, his badge, um, the flag of when they buried him. I'll show you some photos, pho-photos of my dad.

Um, I was born in 1955. So, in 1969, I was 14 years old. I vividly remember the, uh, Apollo 11 coming down and landing on the Moon or walking around and all that stuff. Haha, anyway, I never, I never questioned that until, um, 'til my dad told me what he told me on his deathbed. Then, I started doing a little, nothing major, nothing, just surfing the web, I think they call it surfing, surfing the web. Um, and a lot that information is right there on the web. I mean, it, it verifies the story that he told me. Um, a good detective, a good one, would be able to uncover a lot more, um, of the story that I'm getting ready to tell you. So, please have at it.

I've never known my dad to lie. Um, to get caught lying was worse than whatever it was you did to begin with. I remember going to school with long-sleeved shirts on, uh, to hide the purple welts. Uh, you did not lie in our house. That's for sure. Dad had a real, really bad attitude towards lying. *cough* Excuse me again. Um, okay. Anyway, this is, this is the story that my dad told me on his deathbed.

Project Slam Dunk was the name of, of this. Um, President Johnson in 1968, okay. Um, in Cannon Air-Force Base in 1968, he said that, by that time, by the time he got there, that there was already two large hangars that were connected. There was hundreds of dump trucks that came in and dumped sand and, uh, uh, stone and, uh, cement powder was powdered over the top of all that to make it look like a lunar landscape. They had men that fashioned it into lunar landscape, he said.

Okay, I've never known my dad to lie. So, this all took me by surprise. Ya know. What's that all about? So, anyway, um, he said that in front of the, uh, the airplane hangars, uh, was, uh pull framing with, uh, large canvas tents, um, that was, uh, concealing the inside of the staging area. Inside the staging area, uh, on flatbed trucks, uh, was on created the lunar lander that was assembled, reassembled back inside the hangars. All of the walls were painted flat black, and the ceilings as well. He was sworn to secrecy by the NSA [United States' National Security Agency], and, uh, they would put him in prison for breaking that oath.

And, when dad saw the Moon landing on TV, he cried. He said he knew, um, that what he had witnessed on TV was exactly what they recorded in that hangar. Um, there was no reason for them to go flying around and everything. They had detailed high-definition photos of the landing area. There was no reason for them to go flying around to a different landing area, that almost exhausted their fuel, except for drama, because everything had gone so smoothly. Um, nothing, ya know, so it had to be something.

Anyway, um, dad was one of three guards that guarded the, uh, the inside of the front entrance. There was a list of 15 people who could enter. Noone else was allowed by order of President Johnson. And, here is that list. And, I gave it to Bart Sibrel as well, uh, and he checked out a lot of these names, and he says he can verify a lot of these people and what they do. Um, and I come across a couple myself. Anyway, President Johnson, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, Werner Von Braun, Robert Emenegger, Gene Krantz, James Webb, Joe Kerwin, Doctor Thomas Payne, Glynn Lunney, Doctor Christopher Craft, Doctor James Van Allen, General Trudeau, Lieutenant Colonel, uh, Donald Simon, and Grant Norray.

Now, the only two that I really have information on is Robert Emenegger. Uh, apparently, uh, he did a lot of, uh, video work and stuff for, uh, um, the Department of Defense. Um so, the, the DOD did know him, okay. And the other one was Grant Norray.  N O R R A Y, I believe, um, was, uh, to the best of, to the best of my dad's knowledge was a, uh, like some FBI, CIA, NSA, who knows? Something like that.

Okay. Okay, President Johnson only showed up for the first day of filming. Filming lasted for three days [note by Eugene's son: June 1-3, 1968], and the entire project was restored to original. In other words, the hangars were all taken apart. The sand was all removed, and, so on and so forth. Okay. Um. dad said there was a lot of building going on at the base. So, at the time, so sand and cement powder was never questioned. Um, I can see how they could smuggle that all in within everything else that's going on.

Um, since 2002, I have dug up at, I already told you about, that the evidence of the Moon landing that I have found. Um, if you go to Google and go to uh, uh, Cannon Air-Force Base website, they admit that President Johnson was there. The Lunar Lander was there. The astronauts were there [note by Bart Sibrel: Cannon AFB removed this from their website shortly after this investigation started]. I also have, uh, uh, verified some of the people on the list were there. I also verified there are a lot of, uh, building going on in the base, just as he had told me. And all of this was going on at the same time, on the same date. Dad told me all these things, father to son. Um, he also told me not to ever tell anyone what he had said. But, he said on his deathbed that he had to tell somebody before he died, because it was just too important not to tell. I sure as hell wasn't going to tell anybody. 

Um, yeah, I feared for my wife and me and my son, and I'll tell you why. Ever since I contacted Bart Sibrel, I think they may be listening to his phone once in a while, because I never had any problems until I contacted him and told him my story. Now, people broke into my house two times. I was visited by men with black suits, and I was told in no uncertain terms to drop this whole project, not to say anymore to anybody or me and my wife and my son could disappear. You take that pretty literally after everything that's going on.

Well, so I stopped contacting Bart, and now I'm making this video that I'm going to send to Bart. Mr. Sibrel. Excuse me. Bart's my brother, my brother in heart, my brother in, in Jesus, okay. Um, Bart being a good friend that he is, called the police for me and told them about the break-ins. The two detectives that came out and everything, questioned me and everything, like that, I didn't give them any information at all. At the time, I thought it was a test from them guys in the black suits. I didn't say crap. Um, so all that, all that went away and everything, but it definitely, the two guys in the black suits were not the two detectives that came out to question me about the break-ins. But, thanks Bart, haha, but no, I don't want any help. I just, I just want somebody to pick up where I left off and be able to prove what the information I've given, and I'm trying to give as much as I can, because I know that once I die I'm not going to be able to be asked any questions.

So, that's why, why I try to give you a little back story too, but, um, but that's about all I can think of. I um, my dad, he raised me by the book. And I know he didn't lie to me. And, as I started seeing more and more of what he was telling me was true. I realized my dad wasn't lying.

I lifted the lid off my dad's case, and you can see that his name is Cyrus Eugene Akers. He was born on July 17, 1933. He died on September 28, 2002.

Uh, here's his badge, and I want to see if I can get as close as possible, so that you can read the numbers on the bottom, which are, okay, there it is. Zero, seven, five, nine, six. Zero, seven, give, nine, six [note by Eugene's son: Possibly D Instead of 0].

That's my dad. And it must be a really early picture, because he's only got two stripes, so that was back in the '50s I'm sure. Probably not long after I was born. And there he is. That's my father.

My dad, he raised me by the book. I know he didn't lie to me, and as I started seeing more and more of what he was telling me was true, I realized my dad wasn't lying.
----------[END OF VIDEO]---------

Bart Sibrel published his documentary, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon [*2]in 2001, showcasing footage he received from the Johnson Space Center, either accidentally or by a whistle-blower, of Apollo 11 astronauts faking footage being half-way to the Moon, claiming to be 130,000 miles out when the video evidenced them being only about 200 miles up in low-Earth orbit while showing a time-recorder of their voyage at 34 hours and 16 minutes (half-way on their alleged three-day journey).

Of course, as Bart Sibrel and many others have noted, there are numerous problems with the Apollo photography as well, not just in Apollo 11, but carrying forward to the last mission that supposedly sent men to the Moon, Apollo 17.

I catalog many other examples here [*3].

On September 11, 2021, Sibrel published his book, Moon Man [*4], which detailed his conversations with the Akers family (I posted a full analysis of Sibrel's book, which contains many other shocking revelations here [*5]). Below are screenshots from the relevant sections of his book discussing the information he received from the Akers:

In the context of the confession video and Bart Sibrel's book documenting his conversations, I have five observations:

(1) Only Apollo 11 was filmed at Cannon Air-Force Base, at least that we can confirm. The other five missions alleging to land men on the Moon were likely filmed somewhere else. Perhaps we can encourage more whistle-blowers to come forward about the other missions' filming and photography.

(2) Apollo 11 had three astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Mike Collins. Mike Collins was alleged to have orbited the Moon and not walked on it. The list of people with access to the filming of Apollo 11 included Neil and Buzz but NOT Mike Collins. This is likely because the authorities orchestrating this fraud didn't want Mike to accidentally say something about the landing area that only Neil and Buzz ostensibly would "know."

(3) The main reason many believe Apollo could not actually land men on the Moon revolves around the intense radiation that begins about 1,000 miles or so above us, galactic and solar, heavy particles that would kill a human being. This includes a belt of deadly radiation around the Earth called the "Van Allen" belts, resulting from Earth's magnetic field which traps these deadly particles in a shell around the Earth, keeping us alive. Those who were permitted to the filming site included Dr. James Van Allen, who was the scientist who found these belts in the 1950s by sending probes into Earth orbit to detect the radiation. Van Allen wrote papers about how humans could not travel through these belts without proper shielding (that Apollo never had). NASA trolls like to point out a mysterious e-mail attributed to Van Allen where Van Allen ostensibly recants his prior misgivings about radiation and affirms that Apollo was genuine and that radiation wasn't a problem. That e-mail can now be seen in a different light, now that we can confirm Van Allen was in on the fraud.

(4) In Eugene's confession video, he discusses how the lander was reassembled at Cannon Air-Force Base and that they were filming this in secret. This might explain why the Apollo lunar landers alleged photographed on the Moon looked so flimsy and cheap, held together with randomly and sloppily placed scotch tape (or "kapton foil" that helped with the heat, albeit only over areas that looked like tears in the construction paper). Detractors from the Moon-hoax possibility like to show us pictures of the metal frame Grumman built for the lunar lander, how sturdy it looks, and that the cosmetic haphazardly-taped thin panels and construction-papery material was just a wrapping around the true marvel underneath it. Bringing one of the actual products Grumman assembled to Clovis, New Mexico would draw too much attention. It makes sense that they would have "assembled" the lunar lander at the base, rather than drive a lander on a truck all the way there. 

(5) Eugene references that his father was "sworn to secrecy by the NSA [U.S. National Security Agency]" and that his father would be imprisoned if he ever spoke out. We've all heard of the NSA, of course, but it was a U.S. government secret until it was finally revealed in 1975 (at least the public knew about, for example, the CIA at the time). Up until 1975, there was no meaningful oversite of the NSA (not that there really is now either, but at least we know about it now!). The Apollo missions were, of course 1969-1972, prior to the NSA even being revealed as a thing the public was allowed to know about.

The U.S. government has an evil underbelly behind the scenes. Two men in black suits came to Eugene's home and threatened that he, his wife, and his son might "disappear" if Eugene continued to talk to Sibrel. This is why Eugene told Bart Sibrel to wait until after his own death to have his video detailing the Apollo fraud revealed. Agents harassed, kidnapped, and drugged Bart Sibrel around 1999-2000 when Bart originally found evidence of the fraud (see A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon documentary, 2001-published and referenced prior). Similar agents implied terrible things would be done to not just Eugene, but his family as well.

Note also that Eugene's father's confession video was mysteriously destroyed in a fire, as Eugene explains on the video. Also note that Eugene's home was broken into two times and his notes and information he kept on the Apollo hoax were taken. What is particularly disgusting is that the U.S. government still, to this day, threatens to kill (let's be real when they say "might disappear") someone's wife and child to prevent a private U.S. citizen from engaging in perfectly legal speech.

Even if Eugene's father was legitimately under a national-security order and bound by a non-disclosure agreement ("sworn to secrecy"), legally, not to speak out, Eugene's son had no involvement and had a First Amendment right under U.S. law to speak out without government harassment. Nonetheless, men in black suits threatened the lives of a man's wife and child in order to prevent a man from speaking out on a 50-year-old secret, ostensibly surrounding a covert war against the Soviet Union, a government that no longer exists. How evil is that?

People wonder why nobody, back then at least, "blew the whistle" on Apollo being a fraud. As you can see, the filming was done with as few people as possible, as cheaply and discretely as possible, and was simply integrated into the record over one year later when they launched astronauts into low-Earth orbit, July of 1969. I am sure, if anybody knew filming was going on, they would assume it was "training" and not even connect it with the Apollo landings. The Chief of Security, Cyrus Eugene Akers, would be an exception, as he would have to know, in order to help keep the secret and keep out anybody that didn't belong on site (a secret he kept, even 19 years after his death). A government agency, the NSA, swore everyone to secrecy and threatened prison time to those who didn't. Would these people even get a trial if they spoke out? Or would they be disappeared like was threatened against Gene Akers and his family?

UPDATE: Bart Sibrel noted that the yellow text was added by Eugene's son who made the video recording of his father.



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